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Full Version: Heritage Open Days
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The Guardian has gone heritage mad .. reporting on the fabulous

English Heritage Open Days

10th-13th September now in its 15th Year

however, let us not forget that northern country :face-confused:

with Doors Open Days in Scotland with over 900 properties open to the public on.. yes..

Doors Open Days is Scotland?s largest free annual architectural event. It is coordinated nationally by the Scottish Civic Trust and is part of European Heritage Days along side Scottish Archaeology Month, coordinated by Archaeology Scotland (formerly known as the Council for Scottish Archaeology). Both are supported by Historic Scotland. Doors Open Days first took place in Glasgow and Ayr in 1990 where it formed part of the European City of Culture celebrations.

So spare a thought for the place where it started Smile There is so much to see and do.. and I'll be there, finding a lost 12th century chapel - if you are up in Scotland, then do join in the celebrations. The Guardian may give you half the picture - have a look at the rest. And lets celebrate the whole. :face-kiss:
Oh... and I should also have mentioned Wales here...

This is part of a European wide Heritage Open Days and interestingly all sems to have started in Glasgow... who would have thought it!
And why should that be such a surprise, my Embra chum? We Glaswegians are just }Smile
I did not realise that a tour of chippies, offies and A&E departments would be so popular :face-angel:
As you are well aware, Glasgow is a city of many architectural splendours. There would have been many more, of course, if it wasn't for neglect, comprehensive redevelopment and the surprising tendency of vacant buildings to spontaneously combust. It just went on fire, so it did... I'm sure this sort of thing would never happen in Embra, especially not in the Cowgate. }Smile
You can never pin that one on me...I have an alibi!


Perhaps it was to cut down on the number of buildings for the Doors open days
Well the heritage open days certainly get bodies through the door in some numbers at our sites, even when the admission prices were next to nothing anyway - ?1.50 for museum+working mill at Skidby for instance. A bargain surely?Nothing like a freeby for getting folks in! Big Grin
HAd a good one at Old Pentland Graveyard... loads of people coming to an out of the way gem! AND get to watch live - find the blinking church!

We found it by the way! 8D
Here we are (I am mysteriously never in shot!)

with our loverly wall!