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Full Version: Life in the Ice Age Event on 24th June
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An event that some of you guys might be interested in:

Royal Holloway, University of London are holding a 'Life in the Ice Age' Event on the 24th June, from 10 - 4pm.

There will be loads of Ice Age themed activities and demonstrations of flint knapping with Time Team's Phil Harding, a talk on human origins by Professor Clive Gamble (as seen on the Discovery Channel), and much much more to try and do...hopefully resulting in more people being aware of the importance and potential of Ice Age sediments.

Everyone is welcome and admission is free.

For more details, please go to
What Phill`s going, really!! well in that case Im definatley not going. Good Ole Phill seen him practically drag people off the street to talk at them about time team. Good charactor for position of greatest living englishman although I think Franicis Fulford holds that title. "..EAR OH AHH, WHY ARNT ALL THOSE SECTIONS FACING THE SAME WAY" Remember seeing some guy working for Wessex tie two brushes to either side of his hard hat to mimic Phils side burns once and make oh Ah noises but unknown to him Phil was standing behind him we didnt stop laughing for about a fortnight after that and it still raises a chuckle whenever I think about it. [8D]

Close enough for a country job!
For a moment there I thought that the Ice Age was tabled to re-start on June 24th!Big Grin

..knowledge without action is insanity and action without knowledge is vanity..(imam ghazali,ayyuhal-walad)