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Full Version: Wow changes!
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This is making me dizzy...can I go home please Hosty?
Shouldn't BAJR II have some sort of tagline like a film? Something like:

<center>BAJR II</center>
<center>In the IFA, Nobody Can Hear You Scream. </center>
I'll stop just now....

oh to be a god!

Another day another WSI?
Fancy stuff all this!

Who's having a site discussion in Scotland?!Big Grin
If I told you they would kill me!

Another day another WSI?
it is all a bit big brother telling you who is online at the time. Can the lovely general public who are not logged in see this as well?
take a look at my site... right hand side.
http:/// if you think this is Big Brother.[:o)]
Recording OUR heritage for future generations.
It's all very flash, Mr Hosty. I'm impressed!

"Kick a megalith and it hurts."
Hmmm, not sure if i want everybody to see how much time i spend lurking on here. SadMind you the stats are quite interesting, while I knew BAJR was increasingly popular I'm still surprised that it can get over 20 people on the forum simultaneously. dont you people have jobs to do?

just wait till the rest of the site is up!

Another day another WSI?
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