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Morning folks I got a work related question (sorry). Does anyone know of a good site for researching the history Portsmouth Naval dockyard its just I have a research project to do there. Many thanks.

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Close enough for a country job!
Get hold of reports on:

Royal Clarence Yard (Gosport) and Gunwharf Quays (Portsmouth) from the SMR/Curators...........
Not comprehensive but a good start.

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You could try the museum just inside the dockyard, access from the Gosport ferry side

Hullo Trowelhead. Another place to look would be the Portsmouth Papers, a good local history research report series. You can find a list of reports available from Portsmouth Museums at

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There is also a Naval Dockyards Society; their website is at

You might find the bibliography section most useful for your purposes - if you haven't found it already, of course.