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Full Version: Just a quick question.....
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Henge monuments and related sites of Great Britain: air photographic evidence and catalogue, A.F. Harding with G.E. Lee.

just wondering if anyone can help me out, I'm on placement in Malta at the minute (hey, what can I say!Wink) and trying to start some preliminary research for my dissertation, while i have time to spare. Having searched everywhere to buy this online, I have discovered it's out of print and I can't get it from the uni library as I'm not there! I was just wondering about the format, is it just text or is there a gazetteer too, as its the gazetteer i'm interested in, and will stop trawling online book shops if there isn't one!
Its BAR 177 (Brit Series) if that helps. Being BAR it most likely will, won't it?

Gizza job!!!!! ....please!!!!!
thanks, can you check for me when you go to library. bit difficult for me! Its out of print so I can't buy it! let me know when I ring on wed. hope essay was handed in ok and you weren't up all night!
Am I good or am I good! You won't like it though!

Gizza job!!!!! ....please!!!!!
...and its out of the library until the 22nd May. Can always send an email round requesting it be returned asap.

Gizza job!!!!! ....please!!!!!