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Full Version: Curators, do you have an easy life?
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Digger Editor

At The Digger we are currently writing a major article on the experiences of curators. If you are a curator we would appreciate your help. If you wish, we will publish your contribution anonymously, but we would be grateful if you could supply your name and other details ? for example which local authority you work for (we will treat this information in confidence and will not publish it without your express permission).

The questions below may or may not inform your contribution.


* Are you paid enough for the responsibility you have?
* Has your workload increased? With increasing workloads, is it possible to monitor sites effectively? How often are you able to visit sites ? do you find yourself relying on the archaeological contractor?
* How do you think the job could be made to work better?
* How has your job changed over the past few years?
* Have local authority cuts had a detrimental affect on the service you can offer?
* Do you have an archaeological background?
* Do you think PPG15 and 16 offer you effective control, if not ? how would you like them changed?
* How much power do you think PPG16 gives you over a developer? Have you used your powers to block a development because not enough care was taken over the archaeology?
* Do you operate an ?approved list? of archaeological contractors, either officially or unofficially? How do you assess archaeological contractors for their ability to do the job?
* Have you ever thrown an archaeological contractor off a site?
* Have you ever been under pressure to, for example, order a watching brief rather than an evaluation or an excavation? Who exerted this pressure?
* Are you part of the planning department in the council, or another department? What are the advantages of being in the department that you are in? Do inter-departmental politics hinder you doing your job?
* How could higher standards be achieved? What one thing would make your job easier?
* Have contractors or developers ever tried to ?pull the wool over your eyes??

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