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Full Version: Jobs in Humberside
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Hey, Merc,

When I worked for what was then the Humberside Unit, there was a fairly large population of ex-MSC scheme site staff in the area, who were happy to pick up work as and when and collect their dole in-between times. I suppose this has changed now or that they just have more work than they can cope with using that pool of staff. It could also be that they have to find a way to circumvent the delays caused by equal opps legislation / guidelines. Some council units I have worked for in the recent past had real problems recruiting staff because of the requirement to follow the guidelines rigidly. This could mean a 3 month delay from sending out the advert to actually recruiting people, because you had send out the application packs, wait for them to be returned, call the applicants in for interview, get them to fill out a medical form and then wait while the MO reviewed their forms. Only then could you offer someone a job. In the meantime, the best of them would have got jobs somewhere else that had a shorter and less protracted recruitment process, so the whole process would have to start again.

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Interesting. It sounds like the council units I have worked for have found a way to circumvent this problem, and are able to hire staff on short notice. The units I refer to with old fashioned attitudes to digger retention are interestingly not council units though.
Do many archaeological companies/units offer expenses for interviews? Not in my experience... Sad Perhaps i am just applying to the wrong ones...
I applied to the Humber unit some years ago as a digger and they offered travelling expenses. Obviously changed their policy. They could be deliberately looking for local staff particularly as there is no mention of accommodation.
I know of one company who advertised for a geophys specialist and paid their expenses for the interview (which was a significant amount, flying from England for it).
In that strange mythical world outside commercial archaeology where I eked out a living for many years, I have never heard of expenses being paid for an interview in the normal course of events.

No doubt if you invited someone, i.e. head-hunted them, and they were abroad or at the other end of the country, you would reimburse them if tey agreed to discuss the position. Otherwise if you are ineterested in a vacancy you pay your own expenses.

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How about this one I went for an interveiw in the very depths of the welsh countryside (you know who you are) and was promised travelling expensise`s. I duly went was offered the job but due to its location decided to kindly turn down the offer. When I asked about how to recoup my expensise he said on the phone that they only paid out if you took the job! Leaving me 100squid out of pocket...!! Short of spending another 100 just to go and kick his door down and make him an offer he couldnt refuse I was stuffed.
That is not unreasonable really. You knew where they job was to be based before you went for the interview so you could very well have decided not too accept the invitation to the interview.

When ever I have attended interviews the expenses forms have always said that the employer will not refund expenses if you do not accept the offer of employment except for a good reason.
yeah but it maynot only have been the location mate the guy was a looney tune!
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