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Full Version: do mine eyes deceive me mr Hosty?
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Well I`ll be poked in the nethers with a sharp lettuce! The jobs page appears to be advertyising positions for "experienced" excavators with min 6 months experience for proper wages! Are these a mis-print or do I have to pack me suitcase and chase em for work???
There appear to be several, Troll.

One tendency I have noticed over recent weeks is for positions for staff with minimum 6 month's experience to be ticked as G3 grade.

Today, Bradford. Tomorrow, well, Bradford probably.
Very true-very scary.The rates at which a worker with min 6 months experience are being advertised exceed the rate at which supervisors earn elsewhere....are we seeing an evolution? Finally! Mr Hosty-should we be rejoicing just yet?Big GrinBig Grin