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Full Version: CSCS Health and Safety Card
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Does anyone have any questions or issues they would like addressed in the forthcoming BAJR Guide to the CSCS Card?
Is there really much to say on the white card? The test is nearly fail proofed as the baseline assumes a lower level of personal responsibility than the average site assistant is expected to take. I suppose clear photographs of those darned fire extinguishers the test is so keen on would help as the info about them is bitty and all over the place in the workbook.
fire extinguishers definitely...... the rest of it is monkey stuff.....
I've got a CPCS card which i got as part of my training to get a ticket to operate a 360 excavator. Is this suffcient ? Or would i have get a separate CSCS card ? I assumed they were pretty much the same thing, only one is slightly geared towards the construction industry.
Could you clarify the status of the CSCS card and EU Utilities card. When I went on the pipelines training course last year I was told that the industry now regarded the cards as interchangeable vis a vis the general saftey training, but I have seen some archaeology employers still asking for one or the other?

Could you clarify the situation regarding working in Ireland, Is the CSCS card equivalant to the SafePass card?

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Quote:quote:Originally posted by mesolithic viking

Does anyone have any questions or issues they would like addressed in the forthcoming BAJR Guide to the CSCS Card?

Following Kevin's question...and is it interchangeable with the Quarry Passport card? ie in terms of an average archie Joe getting on site to do their job.

The EUSR card gets you onto a CSCS site but not vice versa.
CSCS and F?S Safe Pass have a mutual recognition agreement, so if you have one you do not need the other.

Quarry Passport ?run by Safety Pass Alliance, and often confused with Safe Pass. The Quarry Passport is an independent scheme used by some operators, it is not a legal requirement. From 1st November 2009 persons involved in Schedule 1 activities (which include operating digging machines, mobile cranes and site dumpers) in a quarry will be required to hold a Quarries Skills Certification Scheme registration card. As SPA are a competitor of CSCS and they two cards involve completely different industries (quarrying and construction) I doubt the two cards are interchangeable.
The management level of the CSCS card is harder, but it's still very easy to pass if you learn the questions (like the driving theory test).
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