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Full Version: Rumours of EH strike?
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There are currently rumours in the re-enactment community that there will be an EH staff picket line at the Kelmarsh Festival of History at the weekend. Does anyone know if this is true?
I heard it might be people dressed up to look like eh workers which will be an interesting anthropological exercise as eh workers dress to look like they are working.

This is the first I've heard of it, Mattockman, which of course doesn't mean that it's not true. My understanding is that the PCS union have balloted their members over strike action, but that management and unions are still talking. So, I'm not expecting to be faced with a picket line when I turn up to work (very hard, thanks, Unit of 1) over the weekend.

No worries. Like I said it seems to be the rumour mill. Hope it goes ok
EH strike? How would we tell? Smile
presumably by what they are wearing
Perhaps it could be part of a re-enactment? My own preference would be for the 1930s, when my Grandad was a union activist on Clydeside, but we could go for the Wapping dispute or the Miners' Strike from the 80s.

Of course, life being only a pale imitation of art, we've already had a re-enactment of the Battle of Orgreave -

Perhaps the re-enactors who like to dress up as Nazis can do a bit of strikebreaking.
Led by Prince Harry, perhaps?

Quote:quote:Originally posted by Gog

Led by Prince Harry, perhaps?

Sounds quite Shakespearian, how appropriate!
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