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Full Version: Archaeology in Education - exciting idea.
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Subject on New Forum as well.

well, here they got it all right, students willing to help, companies willing to help, actors, builders, school teathers.. what a project! This is not some, forgetable lesson, not some grinding stone dullness... this is a lesson in numeracy, literacy, art, and most importantly THINKING. These kids will go away remembering - and they will always remember fondly it was archaeology that helped them... exciting IT IS!

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Love they didn't get everything back - just makes you think about everything you must miss on site in a typical project. However it is frustrating that so many of these projects are primary orientated when it is teenagers who would really benefit from this type of project. I have been lucky enough to do some education outreach with primary school children with artefact handling and it is a breeze they are so ready to engage with you and the material. I would love to know how to do the same with teenagers.
Great stuff Philippa!
drudge, accept that you are an athiest and you will find that its all pointless