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Full Version: Mesolithic Conference May 30th
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Hi all,

Just a quick post wondering if anyone was going?

The Prehistoric Society
Europa day-conference 2009
The Pleasure of Finding Things Out: Searching for the Mesolithic
Saturday, May 30, 2009, 9.30 am
Tempest Anderson Hall,The Yorkshire Museum,York

9.30?9.50 Clive Ruggles:Welcome and introduction
9.50?10.30 Hein Bjerck: Dwelling sites, logistics and social groups. On the structural relations in the
wake of boats in the Scandinavian Early Holocene
10.30?11.10 Caroline Wickham-Jones: Moving In and Getting Settled: the post-glacial colonisation of?
11.10?11.50: coffee/tea
11.50?12.30 Roger Jacobi: England and Wales: the lateglacial return of humans and animals
12.30?1.30: lunch (not included, plenty of local availability)
1.30?2.10: Rick Schulting: A local place for local people: stable isotope evidence for regionality in
the Mesolithic of Atlantic Europe
2.10?2.50 Alison Sheridan: ?La vache qui ne rit pas: Irish Neolithic beginnings and the Ferriter?s
Cove conundrum?
2.50?3.30 Doug Price: The Mesolithic?Neolithic transition seen from Southern Scandinavia
3.30?4.00: tea/coffee
4.00?4.30 Prehistoric Society AGM
4.30?4.45 Presentation of the Europa Prize
The Europa Lecture 2009: Professor Peter Woodman
The Pleasure of Finding Things Out: living with the Irish Mesolithic for 50 years
The lecture will be followed by a wine reception

PM me if you didn't know about it, fancy going and want the ticket form.

The deadline for getting your money in has been extended until 30th April (or so I've been told)