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Full Version: What should the level of the 2009 pay rise be
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What should the level of the pay rise be next month?

Inflation was 3% before the cut in VAT and is now under 2%. There is a possibility that deflation might occur. Fuel prices are down massively. Mortgages are cheaper and there are deals on everything. In most private companies there will be no pay rises next year. There are over two million unemployed. There have been severe redundancies in archaeology.

In the last two years there have been huge increases for archaeologists. Generally employers have a much greater cost in employing somebody than ever before. Everybody accepts that prices in archaeology have fallen so there is less profit on every job. Archaeological businesses have failed and more are expected to fail.

Not that it affects me personally as I am not in the UK at present, but if I were..... I might be willing to forgo a payrise for 2009 providing my putative employer were willing to consider a wholescale reassessment of the grading of archaeologists (particularly field archaeologists) within their organisation, with a view to implementing regrading in spring 2010.

A little pain now could reap significant rewards later....

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With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...

this is still too early to think about, as for the moment, companies still haven't stabilised economically through the work load, so this is merely just calling out be the number of chickens before they have hatched.

shout out a million and someone will shout out 2 then someone else will shout out, if we discount this, then half.

forget mile stoning

its just mill stoning

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In the last two years there have been huge increases for archaeologists.

And yet still field archaeologists are paid very poorly. Wonder how many field archaeologists have private pensions and the like? I don't know of very many. I'm looking forward to the state pension and a cardboard box!!!
This is a good question... and as I had said before... the April increase (for the main) is waiting to see where we are.. lets not forget tht many people are on less pay, or 4 day weeks or worse)

Once April comes, and the next survey is in, we can make an informed choise, in conjunction with FAME, IfA and of course BAJR Federation it may not be stunning, and the IfA have intimated the raise in their levels for PIFA AIFA MIFA will be inflation linked. I would like to see a move forward personally, so would like to see 2.5% as a minimum... with a firm commitment to the implementation of the serious increases required highlighted by the Benchmarking.

I am ready to wait... but be ready to act

?When a sinister person means to be your enemy, they always start by trying to become your friend.?
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Have to say I think unilatteral collective bargaining is wrong. Worst still is having to pay people and then giving them a back dated pay rise. Prices have to be adjusted accordingly well in advance of the pay rise.

It has to be remembered that archaeological companies work on a small percentage profit margin and labour is the principal cost. So a 2.5% pay rise will mean 3 people will be made redundant in a big company and the areas hit will be outreach and similar things which donot produce a return.


I would agree with Dave on this

we each need to work out where and what we can work for, but for now due to the bottlenecking at the banks and finance, then the result remains the same that if there are no companies there are no jobs.

that would be a total new refit and outfit, while loosing too much for nothing.

So as usual we will have to wait, tread water if and for as long as we can, before moving down an angle.

but as you say, just because nothings happening now, does not mean that we shouldn't think about the devaluation of our economic input through static wages and economic inflation.

But hark, what will we do if we deflate?

pay cut city?.....

I think maybe the issues will be being ready for as much as we can whilst also being ready that anything beyond our thought could amount or materialise.

So you could go old school and not worry about it at all, bury your head in the sand, or loose it to the headless horseman.

to be honest though the fact will remain the same as with all modern tragedies.

You can't help but look at it, that burning piercing omnipressence......

feel that, touch that, breath that, laugh at that and smile for (never at) those whom loose heart, for you could be next.

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Reply to Drpeterwardle.

Why on earth is collective bargining wrong?

It has been responsible for rising in living conditions and pay in all industrys since the beginning of the Industrial revolutions, and has historically been the only way of effecting change. The idea that all archaeologicst stand alone and should be reponsible for only themselves can only harm the profession.
What we have at the moment are organisation representing the work force setting the pay levels without there being collective bargaining at all.

I see no problem with minimum paygrades for various levels within specific industries. In this way an employer is free to pay above the award if they wish to retain specific staff, greater experience etc. As Peter has pointed out, staff make up the most of the cost outlay with running a business(of any type). Hence major layoffs during downturns in the economy. Further, well run businesses should also be factoring further price increases in wages as well as other general rises in business expenses (not telling anyone out there how to suck eggs!). A general push to increase wages moderately during this crunch should be possible as archaeological work is still required to be carried out even in a downturn. The main fear is that units will seriously undercut each other to get work. Greater operating efficiency is required as well as diversification is standard business practice in a recession. I think any units seriously undercutting others to get work are not doing themselves any favours and are operating very close to the wall.
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