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Full Version: Knap Happy Flint Workshops
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14th March

Saturday 14 March 2009, Sherwood Forest National Nature Reserve.


Following the popularity of this workshop last summer, the Nottinghamshire County Council Community Archaeologists have once again booked specialist Karl Lee to give his excellent workshop on flint knapping.

Come and learn about flint technology and have a go at making your own flint tool. This workshop is not suitable for very young children.

Space is limited, so early booking is necessary. Free workshop, but there is a parking charge of ?3.

To book mail or call 0115 977 2160

?When a sinister person means to be your enemy, they always start by trying to become your friend.?
William Blake
Ta for that!

Afternoon session has a handful of places left.
Plenty of spaces left in the morning session. And if you get there bright and early you can avoid the parking charge too! The gate attendants aren't usually out much before 9. You can always amuse yourself with a wander around beautiful Birklands before the workshop starts :face-approve:
well seeing as it was you!

?When a sinister person means to be your enemy, they always start by trying to become your friend.?
William Blake
So,if archi's learn to make proper worked tools-could they be sacked if they're caught '(k)napping on site'?
Sorry- I coudn't resist that little joke[:I]

and the worst thing is, i actually laughed at that.

you're a bad man!

Thunder rolled. ... It rolled a six.
I have never tried, despite living in flint-rich Winchester for 6 years. Is it difficult to make something that you would be proud of?

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Well it depends on how easily-impressed you are.

I am VERY easily impressed, so my crushed and battered flint 'scraper' i made at the last workshop, made me so proud. Despite the fact that any mesolithic four-year-old could have done better.

Made me smile anyway!

The best bit is watching Karl Lee turn a lump of rock into what is, in my opinion, an immaculate and beautiful work of art, in minutes.

Thunder rolled. ... It rolled a six.
Will have to fill my bag wiv roks next time I am in a flinty bit of the world.

I know that we see pointy stones all the time in this job but I really love a good bit of flint. I was on the big job (f'narr) in Aberdeen about 18 months back and found a really nice thumnail scraper. It was red flint. I had never seen red flint flint i guess that means Wibblehead that I am very easily impressed too. Too bad I cannot make this event, sure it will be ace.

Beer is your friend