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Full Version: Politics, economics and the archaeological
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Is it too early to start thinking about the notions, ideas and practicalities that we now find ourselves in, on an electorate level?

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Are we going to start thinking of where a personalised vote will fall in local agendas as well as on the European stage?

People have fought and died for things, we seem to have forgotten as a daily routine.

We have worked to bring to the fore what we can bring to a political crisis, but now we need to think about what and where we can go from here?

No group voting on a career and job basis, but rather for the community and education that we seek to be acting members of and take part within on a daily basis.

The nation now lies at a pivotal moment, where it affects us on what services have been developed and organised without direct military intervention.
Rather it was centralised and decentralised co-ordination, to appreciate beyond measure.

I envy (green) not the vacuum, of all that we have benefited from without any appreciation.

We argue and nit pick, but without the fundamental workings, that we as an industry are galvanized within then why could we ever justify our continuance, without returning the sentiment.

Lets hope, and keep hoping not to mention voting.

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This is not to saya vote in any given place, is a vote rightly placed

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I remember back in the heady days of last century, an archaeologist standing against the chairman of the social services committee of a large county council. Their manifesto seemed to be based on more money for heritage, less for the needy underpriviledged.

Which I guess just about summarises the dichotomy of archaeology and recession age politics (except maybe substituting 'bankers' for the second half of the equation......)

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With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...
Archaeological Anarchists!!!
There are archaeologists who are elected councillors, assembley members and MPs. They represent a spectrum of archaeological parties.

Rarely will archaeology be an election issue and then it will be driven by a local concern.


There is no denying the fact that we are only ever as experienced as our green horn status reveals to us.

So, are we experienced with, what, where, when, how and not to mention only?

what do we think its worth.

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i would disagree with the notion of bankers being the recession age politics. maybe an focus for our attention.

However, I do beleive that in the end, there are some things that make the world go round and there are some things that make it go faster and those those that would prefer it to go slower (or even backwards).

A chain is only ever as strong as its weakest link and eventually all will break. But the real issue would be what makes it break, or even so what if it breaks?

personally a cuppa and a biscuit (maybe cake too, with cheese of course)

I ain't no slave miner nor a slave driver.

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