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Full Version: Advice from Archaeologists in the UK!!
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I am a fresh graduate from the University of Auckland, New Zealand, having completed my BA(Honours) First Class in Anthropology, specialising in Archaeology. My I have three months of survey of lithic scatters, and total station work. My dissertation looked at the quantification of lithic artefacts and their spatial distribution using a relational database and GIS data collected by Dr Simon Holdaway of the Anthropology Department at the university.

I was wondering what experience is necessary for me to be able to apply for entry- level jobs in the UK, as I am considering doing my Overseas Experience, and wish to work in Archaeology. Is it more beneficial to have a Master's degree if I want to work in the UK, and is it essential for me to build up experience in the UK, before I can apply for jobs.Is GIS or Lab experience necessary to be able to get a job? Are there any other special requirements for non- UK or non-EU members that may hinder me from gaining a job in the industry?

Any help on the matter would be very much appreciated as the information that I have been able to get is very sparse!

Hi Merina, firstly the UK construction industry is currently in a bad way. Jobs are very limited in archaeology at the moment so you will be competing with a large number of experienced UK archaeologists(currently out of work) at the moment. The Uk Government is also tightening up on Visas for non-EU workers. The currently want to halve the number of skilled workers Visas for non-EU also. It's proposed that you willl have to have a minimum of a Masters degree and the position you are accepting pays a minimum of ?20,000. One thing you could look into is family background to see if you are eligable for any Ancestry work permits, or Citizenship of an EU country through family decent. Not very positive I know, but it's a bit of a mess here at the moment.
Hi Merina,

I would have a quick look at the following thread too:
There are some very good pointers there, although digger's comments are worth bearing in mind.

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I work with a number of antipodean planners very few of whom have managed to get extensions to their visas and are having to go home. These are qualified planners with relevant masters degrees, some employed directly some as agency staff. Essentially to employ someone from outside the EU and justify the visa the employer has to justify why that person is better than anyone else who applied for the job. And under the current rules performance in that job cannot be counted to demonstrate your expertise in doing the job. This is unless you can find an employer to sponsor you, even then, they still have to justify why you are the best person for the job.

Do you have a useful grandparent?
Perhaps BAJR should start arranging marriages? One more project, David...
HB, I am also aware of other Antips being sent home due to Visa changes. Protectionisim by stealth? Wonder what the Government would do if Commonwealth countries reacted (IF THEY ARE EVEN AWARE OF THIS)in a similar fashion. What would they do with loads of returning unemployed skilled professionals?

Not sure why people seem so indignant about 'antips' being sent home at the end of the current work visas... Don't see where protectionism by stealth comes into it - you can find out what requirements there are for getting work visas in other countries by looking at their governement/embassy websites...nothing particularly secret or stealthy about it.

As for 'commonwealth countries' Australia has an equally (if not more so) strict system for issuing work visas, both for people applying for open work permits or those being sponsored by an employer to fill a specific role.

If you are over 45 you can pretty much forget it, unless you find a sponsor willing to jump through all the red tape hoops to get you out there. Or you have a mega fortune under the mattress.

For sponsored employment there is no guarantee you can emmigrate permentantly - once that contract ends you are no longer able to legally work and would need to return to your own country. An extension to your contract may be possible but a visa extension may still be refused.

Under 45 to get an open work permit (so you can move there before finding a job, and take any job you can get) you need to get the appropriate number of points which invariably means having the skills and quallies to do jobs on their list 'most wanted' occupations. Archaeology / museums jobs are not on that list.... so that pretty much means back to finding a job/employer to sponsor you before applying...Being a citizen of a Commonwealth country has no bearing at all on the application system.

Over on

The difficulties of UK archaeologists getting a job in Australia are being discussed.

This comment was posted:

?I work in Western Australia ????.,

But, the type of work we do here in WA is very different from that in the UK. Most of the work is in Aboriginal archaeology. There is virtually no digging, mostly surface survey. Your ability to wield a trowel, draw a section, or plan a feature is pretty redundant here. The skills you need are:

Without this stuff you will struggle to get a job at the moment. The shrinking market means that there are now more Aussies with these skills competing for the work, and they will get the jobs, over people who don't have the skills.?

I think the reverse is also true. The lay offs in archaeology are so severe that they are being discussed in Parliament. It will also be difficult to get a work permit. Sorry

I'd put off trying to come over here for a year, when things will hopefully be better.
It'll all be over by Christmas! (But which year?)
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