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Full Version: Seine-North Europe canal
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This project is likely to generate a lot of archaeology (and is probably the work that the recent posting on French jobs anticipate). Inrap, the state archaeological service has posts limited by government legislation, such that they have agreed to work in partnership with commercial units.

Time for a French holiday? Peut-?tre...:face-huh:
Wow, that looks fun. So, what do we know about building canals?
It's 106km long, but how wide? What sort of 'easement' beyond the footprint of the canal itself will there be? How fixed is the route, or are they considering major and minor alterations? In other words, how much archaeological investigation are we talking about?

Also, what differences are there between the French and British 'planning' processes? (inverted commas because this probably isn't part of the Planning Process per se)

Anyway, it looks great. When I started in the mid nineties I met lots of people who had left these shores for Italy or Beirut at the start of the nineties crash. For the last couple of months I have been wondering where the great new frontier will be for those who would rather leave paid work in Britain than leave archaeology. OK, this probably isn't it, but it does look promising.
See this Antiquity editorial ...

and a snippet from Carver's editorial...

The January Inrap newsletter announced
the evaluation phases of the 100km Seine-North Europe canal, which affects an area of
2000 hectares. Together with the follow-up investigations these are expected to comprise
?an ambitious programme for numerous archaeologists who will be mobilised on sites up to
Now theres a site! (or hundreds!)

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