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Full Version: Small scale 'community' digging
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No problem. Everyone is very polite here I must sayBig Grin

Peter Noble
Sorry to be so late in joining the thread.

We have done a number of community projects here at Ironbridge, so happy to offer advice as well. However what the others have said so far is true.

In general our projects have proceeded from having a site first to developing a project which explores it, rather than the other way about. Early discussions with landowner and local HER are important, and of course EH if it is Scheduled.

Funding - small bids for lottery money are still being well-received, one scheme which we have partnered bids on is 'Awards for All' where the bid has to come from the community itself. I think they give up to £5,000.

Try the CBA as well?

One word of caution from experience - make sure your post-ex budget/timescale/allowance is at least as big as any time you spend in the field. There is nothing worse than digging a cracking site and then being unable to assess the results and publish them.
Some HLF links that might be useful:

Awards for All (£300 to £10,000)

Your Heritage (£3,000 to £50,000)

Young Roots (for projects involving persons 13-25, up to £25,000)

Or even better Smile

(though most have gone already

"Gie's a Job.."
Prof. 'Dolly' Parton
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