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Full Version: Developing Archaeological Discovery
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Financial Innovations for Developing Archaeological Discovery and Conservation

Paul Barford has been in recent email contact with me, and one can imagine it was not all witty banter. However, his last email pointed out a fascinating document, which when read through deals with some pointed issues that have great relevance for archaeology as a whole.

:face-huh: The final sections move away from discussion on artefact looting and collectors to the realities of solutions. Some of which involve my eyebrow raising higher than Roger Moore was ever capable of, but others raising hope instead. Looking at building sustainable methods of securing both the future of archaeological research, but also methods for community involvement as stakeholders rather than excluded observers (where you can imagine, the feeling of "sod you", may prevail)

Give it a read, a thought and a comment if you will. After all, you will be sitting back like me with an overfilled tummy and some time on your hands! :face-huh:

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Prof. 'Dolly' Parton