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Done it!

er.. and... er... cough... to save embarressment... could the lovely lovery BAJRite who sent me the entire colelction... give me an email with the return address!

cough [:o)]

"Gie's a Job.."
Prof. 'Dolly' Parton
nice one! great to reread Issue 1 again, I well remember the buzz when it first came out...
Was it really ten years ago? not a lot has changed has it.
Having read them now... it is amazing to see the reasons why people might think that engaging in any sort of dialogue is pointless... perhaps this time may be different... I was amazed at one report where 600 people voted! Now... it's different.. the petition for change.. ? The problems? the growth of BAJR! (note that BAJR did not even exist then.. its thanks to the Digger that it does! When I read it.. I knew this was soemthing new and raw! soemthing real.. and I soon converted my sad little look at my company illustrations site into an online version... then came jobs... then... the rest is history!

Read it and learn I say.... hope to have a fully searchable version soon... AND a completely reformatted colour version... with all the trimmings... The Digger deserves it!

"Gie's a Job.."
Prof. 'Dolly' Parton
Great job getting this on-line, but on browsing through..... my god is it depressing!

I mean, reading through what the news, problems and discussions were 10 years ago, has anything changed? Maybe slightly, but realistically heading into the current depression and lay-offs, its as if archaeology is one giant cycle self-destruction with occasional detours into drunkeness, debauchery and anarchy. Occasionally some archaeology gets recorded too, but it makes me wonder where we will be in ten years time. See you back here then if any of still have jobs or livers.
........have you not been paying attention lately , gonetopot ??
...Mainly to the fact that if archaeology gets recorded well, it is mainly down to individual site staff and specialists etc, not the responsible approach of their companies...

... and if you still work in the field conditions still veer between 'just comfortable' and 'absolutely shocking'... (not to mention job security)

... on the plus side training and Health and Safety have improved a bit.
It is everyone's responsibility to record properly ! this applies to all staff of all grades, though i am aware of the horror stories. . . .but maybe im going off topic here ......................
And to be honest... the horror stories are rare.. the great proportion are of soul sucking sites where nought is found... OR the archaeology is done to the best given constraints on time/money/resources etc... ie.. not bad, but not great eithr.. just fine... and just fine - although it gets the report passed.. is not whatwe should be about....

A C+ with the occasional B or A... sad but true.

"Gie's a Job.."
Prof. 'Dolly' Parton
.....exactly not what we should be about..........but somehow our hands are tied in many circumstances........sad but true........
Actually I agree, I think I'm having a bleak day (must have more coffee/daylight/warmth).

It was good to be able to read about the birth of BAJR. That is probably one of the most quantifiable and consistent improvements in archaeology!
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