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British Women Archaeologists

The membership form is now available through the website!

It is imperative we receive support at this early stage in order to make the kinds of purchases which will ensure the successful long term running of the group and finance our launch. This is a non-profit making organisation yet we need a financial base to provide membership cards and badges, promote the group and maintain the website etc. If you believe in our goals please support us, either through joining us or just a donation!

Please join... and then we can properly start work! Any comments on the new website please let me know (especially if there are any clangers!)

"Gie's a Job.."
Prof. 'Dolly' Parton
I would like very much to support this group....I don't however have a cheque book.

So I was wondering will there be a BWA table at TAG and will it be possible to join 'on the day' and pay cash?
Does anyone know when the results of the first survey will be published?
Do we really need such an organisation?
it would appear enough people responded "yes" to that question for them to feel it worthwhile to go ahead and set up a website and hold meetings, would it not?
is there a group for men starting ???
yes. i think it's called "archaeology".

In todays society we keep hearing that a persons age/sex/colour etc has no bearing on wether the person can apply for jobs and should be judged solely on the abilities of the individual. But I can well imagine that there is still some descrimination that ocurrs-hence the need for such a group.
Underscore "yes,i think its called archaeology"
Shouldn't that title apply to both men and women?:face-huh:
er, of course it should. but whenever discussions like this are had someone always pipes up with "then shouldn't there be a group for the MEN?" - well, as soon as men are treated like a minority interest, then fire you up the grassroots organisation of the same. (not that people ought to have a problem with striving for better representation of minority groups too - does british archeology appear to have some problems attracting asian and black students and employees? without any real insight into the situation i'd say that's how it looks from here.)

sexism is still pretty rife in archaeology imo - yes, it's better than it once was, but that's hardly a reason to go "oh well, all done here! let's go to the pub". we should probably still go to the pub (also imo. ahem.) but can we please not dismiss a long overdue attempt to do something constructive, even if it's just a talking shop at this stage?
Hear hear.

From my understanding there is no problem with men affiliating to this group. Only that men have no access to the women-only forum. I can live with that.

Perhaps if more men affiliate it might be possible (hint hint) to also start a general forum...

I still want to know though (if anyone out there is listening), can I join on the day at the TAG conference?
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