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Full Version: Archaeology Lay-Offs
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Being a friend of Dirty Dave (Lincoln), I have finally, got around to making a post on BAJR!

First of all, a couple of photos from Halloween night (at the Tap and Spile pub) where the diggers were assembled in costume for once!

[Image: IMG_5329.jpg]

Dirty Dave

[Image: IMG_5326.jpg]

Mike Garrett

We gather there most Friday evenings (but not in costume!)

At the moment, we are discussing who is serving what amount of redundancy notice....and if anyone knows of any units that want temporary digging staff elsewhere?

I think this scenario is being played out once a week, at other "diggers' pubs" throughout the country?

An interesting theory was put forward last week:

"The only way to get out of a Recessuion is to stimulate the buidling industry and related infrastructure construction. That will mean archaeology digs ahead of such projects".

Whether or not this is true, I leave to your opinion.
At the moment, "lay-off" stories is what I am hearing....and I myself am redundant in a couple of weeks time.

Hopefully, things will pick up after January 1st (asks I, with fingers crossed?)


Mike G
Any work that's going is being currently advertised, but it looks to be the same situation this year as last year and the year before. i.e no work until the end of January !

Anyhow, sorry to hear that you're to be made redundant. How I miss the old Tap and Spile. Great pub !
Hay my last day to day, but i held on since Aug by doing the old school method of phoning around and talking to mates who still have jobs, i e-mailed all the companies on the BAJR contract listings about half of them where answeared all in the negative for work but most positive in given help or just being generaly freindly not a great result work wise but good net working and proves there are good people out there.
I've heard lots of talk about road and pipe jobs next year the start date unknown but i wouldn't think anything going to kick off till the next financial year.
Sorry guys that all i know
All I can add.. apart from a big hello to you all...

The road and other infrastructure work is (as far as I am aware from discussions) coming... though it will not be enough for all.... New year will see a radical restructing (job losses) and the way to consider your future is one where either you hang on in there ........ get new skills. (buildings are going to be a growth area - and the skills required for heritage management and outreach, are on the up) get another job, and when archaeology comes back online fully (18 months perhaps? who can say for sure) then you can come back in.

Sorry to hear all this... it is not a good time, lets not be rosey... so I wish you all the best.

"Gie's a Job.."
Prof. 'Dolly' Parton
That picture was taken before I had my hands painted white with black nails,managed to scare a few people through the night- as for Mike as Robin the hoodie.... A group of us reckon were going to do it annually now.
As for the work situation we will have to be like Asquith- and wait and see. The main thing is to try and keep our sense of humour:face-approve:
In the meantime lets have more piccies of folks dressed up, looking silly.
Umm...have you thought about retraining for the pantomime business.

All together now, 'Where' my archaeological career?' 'Behind you....'
Groan!!! :0

"Gie's a Job.."
Prof. 'Dolly' Parton
Indiana Jones the musical or stage play?
Indiana Jones the opera!
But which one of us would be Indi? could be a fun topic drawing up a cast list.:face-huh:
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