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Life Waves: explorations in maritime contact and identity in prehistoric saltwater communities.
The forthcoming conference has been designed to invigorate the study of different aspects relating to prehistoric saltwater societies. Archaeological research has tended to ignore the specific practices and qualities associated with saltwater societies. Discourse has tended to focus on a past of fairly uniform land based societies, and notions of maritime navigation and contact have been explained in terms of population diffusion and cultural correlates. Despite recent critiques of culture historical models little has been done to readdress this imbalance when considering the sea. Direct archaeological evidence is extremely variable for such societies and alternative methods by which consider their existence in specific contexts have not yet been fully explored by archaeologists who are themselves both land based and land orientated. Yet despite this, the concept of maritime travel and contact is often implicit within many dialogues concerning prehistoric societies.

16-17 of April 2009 Manchester

"I don't have an archaeological imagination.."