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My friends from Simpson and Brown Architects, Addyman Archaeology,
The Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland (RCAHMS, The Scottish Highlands Council and
Manish Chakraborti Architects are conducting a survey of the Scottish Cemetery

It aims

. To maintain the Scottish Cemeteryas a managed green space which can be a ‘lung’ for the surrounding population. as inspired by the ideals of Sir Patrick Geddes.

2. To research and record of the cemetery and thereby improve the understanding of the site, its history and its genealogical importance. To make this information readily available.

3. To restore the cemetery buildings and as many of the monuments as possible.

4. To establish a centre for training traditional building skills necessary for the repair and restoration of the monuments as well as of the traditional buildings of Kolkata.

keep up with their time in Kolkata...
[Image: cnv00022.jpg]

"I don't have an archaeological imagination.."
This is a very worthy project Hosty, though some people will highlight that over restoration will disturb the havens that a lot of graveyards have become to the flora and fauna. I think it should be a balance between the two-but never forgetting what these areas are and that is the resting place of our dear departed first and formost.
Having said that when I look at some of the disused graveyards in Lincoln and how the stones were taken down,broken up and used as paving in a park like setting it makes me angry (St.Swithins is a good example-especially as nearly 300 years of my mothers ancestors are buried there) it makes me wonder where was the respect from the people who made such decisions?
Sorry to have a bit of a rant.
Rant away.... I will be looking forward to what they do.... conservation will hopefully mean not over restoration!

"I don't have an archaeological imagination.."
Some before and after pictures would be good to see.
http://scottishcemeterykolkata.wordpress...008/11/10/ with no pictures...

first post in!

"I don't have an archaeological imagination.."
Second download
I haven't been to Kolkatta, but have read a lot about the cemetery, and those buried in it, including I believe members of the Asiatic Society who undertook some of the first western research into Indian language and culture and archaeology. Will watch with interest.

BTW, excellent book on the early western antiquarians is 'Buddha and the Sahibs' by Charles Allen, very interesting in the light of Said's 'Orientalism'
Inspired by the ideals of Sir Patrick Geddes

Seems to be a growth market.

Cant actually work out what they intend to do. What exactly is a Scottish cemetery abroad? Presbyterian? Are there many others around the world? Restoration must be such frightfully tricky thing to do in this situation, put a barbed wire fence around it? Surely cleaning it up will reduces its green lung credentials. In Britain we normally condemn these areas as health hazards and push all the grave stones over.

They might like to fill in this form


although I am not sure it covers Scottish cemeteries.

My respect to all those buried in these places.
Reading the bacsa accounts for 2007 I can see that they do and have been involved in the cemetery at Kolkatta.

Interesting place

Quote:quote:Calcutta (APHCI) & Tejpur
South Park Street Cemetery remains in good condition. Scottish Cemetery: In a poor state but gradually undergrowth, thieves, drug peddlers, snakes and dogs are being removed. Further funding may be sought from other sources. St Andrew's Church: A plan to be formulated for more permanent and regular maintenance. Bhowanipur Cemetery: Restoration of the gatheouse completed. Further funding requested for restoration of monuments which are dotted amongst the graves. Further information requested. Barrackpore: Orderly Bazar and Sadar Bazar: Information awaited on these cemeteries.

I wonder who owns the land?
And it may appear that the Kolkata Scottish Heritage Trust are following in the footsteps of the

A five-member UK Heritage and Regeneration Mission. A so far shadowy faceless group but nice job if you like forero roche chocolate who as yet do not appear to have adopted a cemetery.

Interesting to note the presence of the Kolkata Scottish Heritage Trust chairing at

which I suppose highlights the architectural interest in the Muslim Deccan (odd geological word (deccan traps)for the whole Indian plate but why tied to religious).

Where is the trust going to build a centre for training traditional building skills necessary for the repair and restoration of the monuments as well as of the traditional buildings of Kolkata? Not at the cemetery?
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