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Full Version: conservation and archaeology: please help me!
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I'm currently doing a dissertation for my masters and would like some opinions please! I have copied in the link to a small survey I am doing…it’s only ten questions (the first is just to state you agree with taking part) and will be completely anonymous. The first question asks for a name but this will not be considered as part of the survey…it’s only there because I need permission to use your views. There will be no way of identifying anyone from the results!
Basically it's about the journey the object takes from excavation to the museum from the viewpoint of conservation. I think the conservation process starts at the point of excavation but this is often not considered in literature. I also believe fieldwork staff need a bit more on the job training as even if you've been excavating for ten years every site can be different. The point of my dissertation is not to be negative about the relationship between units and museums but to compare the differences between the theory and the reality of developer pressure, bad weather, high staff turnover, storage space difficulties etc. I’ve worked in fieldwork and now for a museum and am just interested in how the whole process works!

So if people could fill in my very short survey you will have my undying gratitude! Feel free to pass the link on to any diggers or other fieldwork staff you may know….

when ir efer to conservation i mean basic ways of excavating objects to ensure optimum preservation,

there is more info about the project on the survey page. thanks
Righty.... I hope others are doing this...

I am just about to have a go myself.

"I don't have an archaeological imagination.."
Done it...

made me think as well!

"I don't have an archaeological imagination.."
Am just putting my two -peneth to"paper" now!!!
thanks to everyone who has done it so far! I really appreciate it.
if anyone hasn't done it yet and was thinking of it then I used free survey software cos it was Anyway it runs out at the end of this week so please do it soon! thanks again.
Done, thanks for asking so nicely. [8D]
Good point there... its nice to be asked politely, and they also asked me permission off forum, so... more support please, its only polite!

"I don't have an archaeological imagination.."