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Full Version: New Mills & Boon series
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It's obviously true - archaeology is the new black in the world of entertainment. First the almightly Bonekickers, and now the stunning relevation that the new - ahem - adult series of Mills & Boon fame features:

Breezy Malone, the heroine of the Spice line's Spies, Lies and Naked Thighs, who will swap her archaeologist's trowel for the leather corset of a covert FBI sex agent and set out to seduce the terrorist behind her incarceration in a Middle East prison.

I couldn't possibly comment.....

I prefer her sister, Windy Malone, an undercover sex agent for MFI. See here for the latest kitchen sink drama...
Good grief ML. Is this something that you're going to suggest for your book group?

Resistance is futile. Your project documentation will be MoRPHE-compliant.
"staid archaeologist's garb" Do they really know us?[:I]
Perhaps 'staid' is a typo for 'stained'? That would be closer to the truth :-).

"Hidden wisdom and buried treasure, what use is there in either?" (Ecclesiasticus ch20 v30)
Presumably she's not a very good "covert" FBI sex agent, if she's incarcerated in a Middle East prison? :face-thinks:
Sounds all very Lara Croft to me.
I feel a career change coming on (to be a bad writer, not a fbi sex agent).
FBI sex agents - Is this related to the revelation that during 9-11 the FBI had no email capability, and were reduced to faxing each other?

Mr. Hosty, I reckon this should be added to the BAJR Bookshop list! :face-approve:
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