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Full Version: Flintknapping Workshops
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I am PA to Karl Lee, one of the countries leading Flintknappers with over 15 years experience. Karl is looking to run some one-on-one workshops to teach people how to flintknap.
Please see below for a reference for a workshop student:

"I spent three very enjoyable days with Karl, during which time my flintknapping skills improved hugely. From the moment I stepped through the door, Karl made me feel very welcome in his home, and the tea's didn't stop flowing until I left (which is very important in my book)! Karl is not only a very relaxed, fun and patient guy, but clearly also has a very deep appreciation and understanding of the practical skills underpinning many prehistoric technologies. I was particularly encouraged by his unwavering positive attitude when it came to flintknapping - whenever my hand-eye coordination let me down Karl would get me thinking about the best way to work around the problem. I am really glad I spent the time to understand the practical side of prehistoric technology in more detail with Karl, and would highly recommend it to anyone who has an interest in ancient skills and crafts."
Nick Taylor ? Workshop Student

Please contact me if you are interested in some/a workshop


Karl Lee
And BAJR looks forward to adding you to the practical courses in July...

nice talking to you yesterday!

Another day another WSI?