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Full Version: Photograph Wallets
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This is a bit of an odd one but I need to archive some photographs for a paper im working on for a charity but I cant find those A4 plastic wallets that hold 4 photos anywhere!!

Feel like Im going mad - does anyone know where I can get them I've tried a few stationers and search online but no luck!!

Try here or here [url][/url] or for the cheap option try searching ebay for postcard sleeves as these items are popular with collectors.

this should sort you

(try also jessops)

"I don't have an archaeological imagination.."
Kendro are the business. Remember kids, no pvc it damages the surface of the photos over time.
well said... fank goodness you are here!

"I don't have an archaeological imagination.."
Just to clarify HB means Kenro.
You are right I probably did.
Cheers everyone thats fantastic!!
Sorry for the late reply

DW Viewpacks and Secol both supply archival quality photo holders of the kind you are looking for.

By archival I mean the materials they are made from have been rigorously tested, certified and are accepted by museums for deposition. As a very basic rule, if the plastic 'smells' in any way, it is giving off vapours harmful to your photos.

We still archive slides and medium format negs this way. I note that some museums are now requiring digital photos are printed professionally and then archived in the traditional manner - that or back to film!