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anyone who provides info and educational content is open to the award

do you have amnything? perhaps you could get an award

"I don't have an archaeological imagination.."
I do, but its a secret that works best for me.
The website is a good one but am surprised and a little disappointed that there is nothing about the actual staff that work there, no real who's who kind of thing (with the exception of the recently honoured Phil Harding of course becasuse that's good advertising!)
Where are the people????
For one I agree with Unit of 1. From my point of view it is a very poor site. Try for example finding the FAQ sections.

More to the point it simply does not give me the info I need when selecting a contractor. Interestingly the news section tells us that there is a vacancy for an IT person but no such post is present on the vacancy page.

The layout is such that most pages cannot be viewed complete with out scrolling.

Not bad but not worth an award.

As for having all there reports on the web - there seems to be relatively few for example

is not on their website.

Dr Peter Wardle
All on scribd... and soon to be even more accessible.

I would agree there are some critisisms that can be levvelled (but then If I looked at BAJR... it could be seen as a mess!)

What is the website for is the concept that must be wrestled with.

It would be good to hear a reply from Wessex, who I am sure more able to answer than I.

"I don't have an archaeological imagination.."
I don?t think that?s fair hosty, you started a competition, and now your picking on the charities, isn?t that a contradiction, shouldn?t it be the IParch as to why/how (they are taking the money from the diggers(to compete with the charities)) they are doing outreach.
Sorry David,

The report I checked is not on Scribd. The point is these reports should be easy to find and the website of the organisation producing them is the obvious place.

Uo1 what are you burbling on about.... the recipient of the first award was LP archaeology ... not a charity..

You have a rather unhealthy obsession. kindly keep it off this section.

If you have a website you feel does meet the criteria... put it forward - I don't mind if it is a local society or a govt group It just has to be good at what it does.

Another example of what I (personally) would be looking for and was impressed by is this one:

Dr. Pete... thats a good point... there is indeed an API that allows organisation of pdf reports (and searchable at that) - a central repository that gathers them all would be the way to go (like OASIS but more user friendly) - then those that have reports as a matter of course on their own website will put them there, but they will also be accesible via a portal.

How much better to be able to search all reports from that town/area, rather than have to go to each contractor in turn... Smile


"I don't have an archaeological imagination.."
David said
"How much better to be able to search all reports from that town/area"

Agreed but I thought that was what an SMR/HER record did!

I suspect that the main users of such reports are other people working in that area on development led projects.

Dr Peter Wardle
SMR/HER record did!

Yes and No... sadley boundaries cross borders, even country borders... as previous regions or kingdoms did not keep to our current boundaries.. add to that, you defining an area and then straight away being able to drill down to just what you want.. right away... no waiting, no fuss...

"I don't have an archaeological imagination.."
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