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Full Version: Bone Kickers
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I can't even muster up a comment about last night's programme. Although it's getting a bit Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the way that they all hang out in the lab after working hours and solve puzzles with ancient books and encounter scary killer snakes and the like.
I caught two minutes of last night's episode, whilst vainly trying to find something interesting to watch. Apart from the archaeological idiocy, the snake bite scene was particularly hilarious I thought. An edited "highlights" program might be quite funny, but I couldn't sit through another whole episode. Swords - maybe they could all fall on them in the last episode?

Milecastles: last time I was in that area they were indeed a mile apart. Maybe he meant forts, which are more widely (and unevenly spaced)
Quote:quote:Originally posted by Digitaldigging

"The [u]bogs </u> are full of wild assertions that its all incredibly inaccurate and a load of tosh."

Mark Horton - BBC message boards.

Hmmm. Freudian slip?

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Quote:quote:Originally posted by redexile

Hope they don't have Scrappy-doo in the second series, it'll spoil it.

Second series...shudder B)
Haven't watched it yet, but as I breed snakes as well as being a proto-archi, I can feel the hackles rising already.

Found this on the oddly named Bonekicker Fansite: so funny, I had to put it up

Quote:quote:Oh, the snake!

The roaring snake!

Looked like it was cooked up on someone#8217;s Acorn Archimedes.

Ace comedy.

Kudos to the Beeb for the bravery to show a Police Squad-style spoof in a primetime slot.

And cheapest, most comical, post-colonial guilt moment yet? Slagging off Stonehenge compared to the wonders of the developing world! LOL. No, BK apologists, I#8217;m not claiming any kind of cultural primacy for the #8216;henge, merely pointing out the sheer, slavering silliness of comparing ancient archaeological wonders like they#8217;re Top Trumps.

Next week our gang uncovers a new shocking conspiracy: proto-Nazi, alcoholic, homophobic, wife-beating capitalist Bill Shakespeare secretly murdered a gentle, carbon-neutral Arab playwright, the true author of all the plays, and nicked his work. The gang bravely reveal this to the world whilst dodging murderous RSC thugs trying to keep it secret, led by Mark Rylance and Simon Callow wielding exploding Yorick skulls. Also in a bonus subplot: they exhume the Russian linesman and find out we didn#8217;t win the #8216;66 World Cup either. An impressed Sepp Blatter retroactively awards the trophy to Palestine.

ps... am I the only one that is getting worried that Viv is going to be the daughter of Ben and Magwilde? I know that archaeology is incestuous ... will Dolly turn out to be a genetic clone of a sheep (geddit) surely the good prof would have noticed she had a baby?
I feel a bit sick... [xx(]

"I don't have an archaeological imagination.."
I beg they don't

"I don't have an archaeological imagination.."
I'd thought the same, but then they did mention being at uni '15 years' ago (yeah, right), so perhaps she's too old to be their daughter?
Phew! Well pointed out; I was starting to go a bit light headed in disbelief! :face-confused:
could be she is part alien with a growth hormone problem... nothing would surprise me any more

"I don't have an archaeological imagination.."
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