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3rd June 2008, 07:14 AM
Well I call myself EricHistorianGenealogist and that is true, I have seen Dr. Francis Pryor's work with the Time Team on "Britain AD, King Arthur's Britain". Quite a few years ago, in 1983 I had the pleasure to work in the Archaelogy site in London, Ontario, Canada; known as the Atterwanderon Museum. I was Katimavic Exchange member from Nova Scotia; sad to say I only lasted 3 1/2 months however I learned an appreaciation for history and my own family history.

Things were not always as they seemed; the Atterwanderons were very intelligent and were not exactly "savages" no more than say, the irish were over 2,200 years ago. Backward yes but not savages as we precieve them; their basic religion was like that of any other indians in Canada and could be considered even slightly irish.

I wonder if Archaeology and Genealogy can be blended in together and harmonized. What if you had an ancient family that has survived 2,200yrs? My helping with the excavations of the Atterwanderons gave me the knowledge as well as talks to the archaelogy staff on the items we had found, has postulated the Atterwanderons culture existed for 4000yrs and had been finally wiped out by the Hurons and Iroquis because of some good river sites where the Atterwanderons had been taking beavers from, later Frenchmen brought diseases that finished the slaughter. The Atterwanderon Indians had built pallisade longhouse villages and buried their dead into common burial mounds sometimes 300 to 500 feet in circumferance. They did trade with other indians as far away as South America, I believe probably with the Maya etc; because some arrowheads turned up in our digs that were not flint but indicated that they were of South American origin.

But now my focus is on my "living family" namely me exactly, I am an descendant of a irish family clan known as Breheny, Brehon, Briwere or sometimes called "Brusters" before we were finally known as "Brewsters". Our blending is a mix of irish, scandinavian, Scotish Celtic and English Celtic as well as French Celts to make an final product of the Brewster Family in the 15th to 16th Centuries.

This is no joke, an Darkage to Medieval Family Clan still surviving untill now with an incrediable history as being Cousin Clans men and women related to the Father of Gweniviere, as well as her cousin. Sadly my genealogy is not believed, that was one reason that I was trying to get into touch with Dr. Francis Pryor, I had researched my family tree in Nova Scotia, Canada first, then going on the internet just 3-4 yrs ago ending up finishing my genealogy with the realization that the Brehon-Breheny Family survivors left Ireland at 544AD being relocated to Scotland by King Arthur Pendragon supports as was the MacGilomar-MacGillicuddies were. Why do I say this; some time ago I bought several books of Author Stephen R Lawhead, in 3-4 of them were important family names and even though there was a "fictionalized conception" of how the Arthurians came to be, there was simply too much evidence that Stephen R Lawhead had in his "Pendragon Cycle" books that had been expertly researched. Information that had to been found in old manuscripts and ancient irish and scottish maps he looked at both on the internet and probably in monasteries that still survive to this day.

I am curious to know why Scholars are really really frightened by an genealogist comming to this conclusion? I have had an DNA scrape that confirms beyond a shadow of a doubt that in my DNA rests a heirdom more important than Royal Family of Queen Elizabeth II's claim to the throne of Britain. We Breheny were there first, the first Royal Cousins to the Thone, more than likely Queen Elizabeth II and her own Royal family were nothing than later upsurpers whom had helped destory the Summer Kingdom and more than likely supporters of Modred Ap Uren Ap Lot.

Peoples names have evolved from 2,200yrs ago. I am the last member of an the family clan that helped King Artrim MacCormick write and codify the Brehon Laws. Why is it that scholars try to down play these achievements, why are not scholars, historians etc beating a path to my door and wanting to study a person whom ancestors have survived 2,200 yrs? This I can prove is my liniage which is greater than Queen Elizabeth IIs herself, but my family lived and died unsung and little honored. My family ancestor an William Brewer is mentioned in the Domesday Book of King William The Great, truthfully he was a cousin of King William The Great.....you see, an irish english family gave the scandinavian french queen a child that would keep the French Medieval Sucession going to the Royal Throne of France untill the French Revolution. All I did was go on about 10 to 15 current websites and write down what family connections that were the "breadcrumbs" that made my ancestors what they became, leading right up to William Brewster III being an assistant bailiff in the Tower Of London, asked with his First Bailiff friend to sign Queen Mary Of The Scot's death warrent of execution. Of course we Brewsters were framed because of Queen Elizabeth's real wish to see her sister's head cut off and end the Roman Catholic's yearnings for the Thone, worse yet Queen Elizabeth I was "Empire Building" and honestly believed that anyone harboring differing views were her enemies, so she wanted to surround herself with corruptiable and corrupting people as greedy as herself, thus the Brewster Family was driven out of Britain to the New World.

Yet present day scholars seem completely upset when I attempt to contact them with this revelation, it is by research of other scholars whom came partly to the same conclusion decades, even some 200yrs before, but they did not have a living family of Brehons to trace their roots of, of course they had no idea we had came to Nova Scotia in 1761, we had to flee Britain in 1620AD.

Eric Historian Genealogist